Why Tip Someone to Do a Job You Can Do Yourself?

Hey, dollar managers! This article is a controversial one, but it’s sure to get you ahead in the rat race. In this article, we will be covering why you shouldn’t tip for services that you could’ve easily done yourself.

Today’s society seems to teach that those who in the service industry that they deserve a tip. Jobs like a waitress, cab driver, bellhop, and knob polisher require a narrow range of skill sets that a majority of able-bodied and probably even disabled people could accomplish. We have been teaching people that it isn’t about what work you do, but how hard you work will determine your paycheck. This is not true at all; we need to stop teaching our children this. We have been reinforcing this subliminal message by giving them tips to do a mundane, skill-less job. Here’s a tip for them: Get a better job!

This may seem harsh, but in order to get ahead in this world, you can’t be giving handouts. It just isn’t financially or economically viable. You wouldn’t let a roommate stay in your house without them paying for rent, food, or electric, would you? Instead of paying a tip to someone who has done a job you could easily do, you need to tip and appreciate those who can complete a job you could not easily do. Examples are; Your gynecologist, the IT guy at your work, your kids’ soccer coach, and your elected officials. These are the kind of people who not only deserve it, but also will let them know you appreciate their service doing something you could not do. So next time someone peeps at your peeper, fixes your computer or tells your kid “Hurry the fuck up, Jimmy, those laps aren’t going to run themselves!” give ’em a nice tip!

Instead of paying someone who just completed a service for you, stop them in place and do the service yourself. This saves them time that they can use to serve someone who will actually tip. Your waiter or waitress might be offended when you clean and bus the table yourself, but just let them know that you learned this helpful tip from managingdollars.com. They could probably use tips like these to save a couple dollars themselves. You might argue that you can’t do all these jobs yourself. That’s where you’re wrong. Sometimes it might be difficult, but with a little creativity, you”ll be buying a Lambo in no time with all the money you’ve saved.

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