President Trump Meets with Symantec CEO To Discuss Placing Firewall along Mexican Border

President Trump met earlier today with Symantec’s CEO, Greg Clark, to discuss the possibility of adding a second layer of security to the up-and-coming border wall. Trump suggests the concept of a physical firewall housed within or behind the soon-to-come border wall.

Trump began to speak publicly to Clark and Reporters, “We would love to utilize one of our great American business, Symantec, to help secure our nation’s borders.” Trump referred to Symantec as one of the most advanced security companies in our modern era. Suggesting he was ‘shopping around’ for some security tools for his computer at Best Buy, when it dawned on him to “ a firewall as additional security. And who better to do it, then one of our brightest and best security companies in the US. Symantec is very good at cyber. They’re so smart, they put security on computers.” He went on to compare these actions to “putting man on the moon.”

Clark seemed to voice concern that this seemed ‘impractical’, though Trump reassured him he would “ Norton[Symantec] hire the best and brightest people…” and “…Bring back jobs to America, using an American workforce…” as Trump smiled at the reporters and gave an enthusiastic thumbs up. Trump advised that we will be seeing an influx of income to fund the newest addition of the wall, yet no information of where these funds will be originating from or how they’re being generated. However he mentioned the price for one computer was a fair price, he’s sure for one wall, it won’t be too expensive.

Some are concerned about private interests the President may have in Symantec. Although there is no evidence of Trump having private interests in Symantec’s shares; it is suggested he may have private interest as himself being a Citizen, which will also be affected by the outcome of building a firewall, to allegedly keep American citizens(which happens to include him) safe. Meaning he has a personal interest in the firewall. In closing Trump and Clark shook hands and waved at the photographers and Trump stated “We don’t need to be afraid, folks. Not when we have the brightest and the best.”

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