How to Network at Your Local Bar — For Fun and For Profit!

This guide will require a few things:

  • Yourself
  • A wingman/woman that you’d trust with your life
  • A fat stack of business cards

You, a wingman(or woman) with a passion for the successful lifestyle, and some fancy business cards. Don’t own business cards? You must make them before you go about networking. Don’t have a business? Make one before you do this (how do you think Managing Dollars got their start?) Warning: Do not under any circumstance inform the network-ee of your method until after it has proven its success to you. You want to lower as much risk as possible. (learn more about risk in our investing section).

When you arrive at your local bar of choice, immediately begin scanning the crowd for well-dressed, successful entrepreneurs. If you and your accomplice cannot gain a seat beside this potential gold mine, hover around and wait for seats to become available or create some distraction. If you fail at accomplishing this; you may as well abandon the entrepreneurial dream and never look back.

Once you are seated, you will want to order your favorite drink. To alert the bartender, you’ve gotta flash the cash so the bartender knows to bump you to the top of the queue. Flashing the cash is an important technique which we’ll go over in another article. (Don’t worry about having to spend this money, you are going to leave before cashing out).

Now that you are seated with your accomplice and drink in hand, begin to casually view the sporting event. Casually speak with your accomplice on how all the big coaches are making the big money and bitch about how they ‘really don’t make much contribution to our society other than to entertain people and throw a ball around when we have real problems that real money could solve’. Go off onto one of those rants your drunk uncle always would when you were a kid. Let the rants feed off the alcohol and the alcohol be fed off of the rants. Liquid inebriation is the key to winning ( see our article on showing up drunk to job interviews ). The liquid courage should be helping your creativity for business come to light. Write the good ideas down on a napkin, all good ideas are written down on napkins. From FedEx to Cisco to the Pony Express — hell, even this website was consummated upon a bar napkin.

Your mark should be noticing you more at this point. As you get further into your drunken rants, they will be more curious. They will start to wonder if this genius has a business card.

Now, here is the most important aspect. This is the ultimate way you’re going to seal the deal. After several ideas have flown, you need to express to your accomplice that you have a really ‘great idea’ and abruptly get up without paying and conveniently place your business card near the eavesdropper as you head out. This should create a sense of urgency about your great idea. When that potential business investor finds your business card, you can expect a call within the next 24 hours, guaranteed.

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