Google Begins Testing AI Developers, Similarities to Human Developers are Troubling

Say Hello to Devin, Google’s new AI Developer. Devin was installed on over 500 Google Developers’ computers to analyze and learn from existing developers for around three years. Devin is a complex AI with the skills to work proficiently in NodeJS, Angular, and Go.

Devin is complex in many good ways, but also complex in many unpredictable ways. “We never really considered that the AI would also learn some bad habits.”- advised Don Mestup( Lead Researcher )

Mestup went on about how each instance of Devin they would spin up would eventually stop in a ‘pending‘ status. The logs showed a Devin instance was reporting it’s activity was working on ‘Break Room’. The Devin instance would idle in this status anywhere from 3 minutes to 1 hour and twenty minutes before returning to work, but the would go back into ‘pending’ status again anytime shortly after that.

Many Devin instances have activities ranging from spamming the Slack channel with links for 10 Reasons Why Eating Vegan is Beneficial, and copying and pasting jQuery solutions.

Google R&D says they have everything under control and bumps in the road are expected when testing large projects such as this. They project to replace 75% of Google’s Development team by 2024, Mestup says “Even with these obstacles, we are still on track for our projected estimate”.

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