Casinos – Money Pit or Your Personal Bank?

Fact: Millions of dollars flow through casinos every day. Fact: Millions of Americans leave MILLIONS of dollars on the table when they don’t invest in casinos. There seems to be a common misconception that Casinos are greedy, money hungry, and just out to get your money. This is not true, they just happen to keep all the money that no one else won.

Let’s break this idea into a simple formula called the Minimum Potential Projection Formula:

where m = your money, pv = potential value c = your chances of winning, and p = number of times you intend to play.  Your chances multiplied by the number of times you play will equal potential-value. Value is what we are looking to create!

The potential-value is equal to your chances of winning (eg: 1-in-a-million) multiplied by the number of times you intend to play (eg: I want to play 5 times); your potential-value is 5. Now take your potential value and multiply this by the amount of money you want to invest with(eg: have $20 in my pocket). So $20(1*5)= $100, see look at that, I have the potential to, at the very least, gain $100.

The most popular casino game is the slot machine. Slot machines are one of the most basic ways to create wealth quickly. Everyone knows about these puppies and loves the instant gratification. Since there are so many people playing, there is more money moving through the machines than any other game in the casinos. This means more wealth for you! Though this is one of the easier games to master, it does have a lower potential-value in the Minimum Potential Projection Formula, meaning less potential money for you.

Card games are the next big mediums for cash conversion. Blackjack is regarded as “child’s play” in the eyes of some people, though I can assure you, this is not the case. It can, however, be one of the best paying games. When calculating the Minimum Potential Projection of blackjack(42% chance of overall win). This equals M{42}. Based on this, if you invest $100, you have the minimum potential to obtain $4,600 in return. It’s insane how this can work. It’s simple though, just playing your cards right and deciding when to stay and when to hit can mean big returns. Poker requires more skills, so let’s forget about Blackjack for now.

The key to maximize your earnings with the Minimum Potential Projection Formula, is to keep playing. The more you play, the more likely you will hit big. Even if you lose, you should DOUBLE DOWN. Withdraw more money from the ATM. If you aren’t going after your dreams, you’ll never win. If you run out of money, you can always get credit from the casino. You simply can’t afford to leave all of the money you lost on the table sitting there for someone else to win. They could easily end up with your money in their pocket! The deeper you dig in your money bucket, the more likely you’ll be to catch something worth posting on instagram. After all, flaunting wealth on social media is what separates the boys from the men.

Thanks for reading the first article of many that handle making considerable cash at the casino. Stick with Managing Dollars and we’ll have you making the big bucks, in no time!

4 thoughts on “Casinos – Money Pit or Your Personal Bank?

  1. LovelandTrump says:

    I have never lost a penny at Blackjack.
    My secret is once I lose, I just keep doubling my bet until I win.
    Example: I sit down at Casino Jack and immediately lose $25.
    My next bet is $50. I lose again. Now I’m down $75.
    My next bet is $75. I lose yet again. Now I bet $150.
    Just keep going until you finally win, then you are even. Get up and leave.
    And if I lose long enough, I’ll get enough free drinks to get good and smashed. Then drive home.

    • Managing Dollars says:

      That’s incredible to hear! We would agree that you are on the fast track with this betting technique. Keep an eye out for future articles covering betting techniques like this one!

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