9 Tips on Saving Dollars on your Commute

What a drag

Commuting to work can be a massive expense. Between your car, fuel, wear-and-tear and legal fees from that kid you hit last week, your commute can really eat up your pay check. If only there was a better way. Managing Dollars is here to tell you there is!

Whether you drive an ’87 Buick or that how new 2018 Stang, we’ve got some tips that are sure to lower your expenses.

Let’s get started:

1 – Stop at Starbucks:

The coffee is expensive but the networking opportunities are unlimited. You might meet the next Warren Buffet in line, ready to hand out a job to a stranger. Invest in yourself with a hot or cold resfreshing Starbucks drink.

2 – Go for Diesel:

If you’re at the pump and you see that Diesel is cheaper than your regular octane purchase, go ahead and fill up! Lots of people who hate money will tell you that your car won’t run on diesel, but this is just a ploy to make sure you remain broke.

3 – Impromptu Car-Pool!!

This one is exhilarating and thrifty. Gather some intel on your neighbors and where they work. Google will come in handy here. Find a neighbor that works near where you do. Stealthily climb into their back seat or trunk while they are pouring their coffee and you’ve got a free ride to work, baby! Pro-tip: If your neighbor has a bike, you’ve also got a bike 😉

4 – Grab an Uber

Ah, Uber, not just for drunken Friday nights with the boys. Consider grabbing an Uber to work to save some dough. If you puke in the car and they don’t notice, it’s not your fault!

Happy Uber Driver
Throw up some gang signs before you vomit in your Uber’s car, he’ll never see it coming

5 – Live somewhere cheaper

Try living somewhere with a little bit lower cost of living. Try living in Hamilton, Ohio and getting a job in New York. You can charter a plane there and spend the commute reading Managing Dollars. Investing in yourself has some of the best ROI. Slim Jesus is from Hamilton, so you can’t go wrong!

Slim Jesus
Dewey, is that you?

6 – Hire an actor to go to work for you

You don’t really do all that much work in your cubicle anyway. Why not outsource your job? Time is money, after all. You don’t have to be exact, but you should get someone who looks close enough to what you look like. Make sure they are able to look hungover on Monday, you don’t want to raise any flags.

7 – Lube Your Tires Up

Cover your tires in your favorite lubricant. Wear and tear on a vehicle can be exorbitant and a set of new tires is not cheap! With some lube on your tires, you’ll prevent wear and tear against the road and get significantly more life out of your good years. Additionally, you might even be able to drift your car. Have you ever seen The Fast and Furious? Man, that was a sick movie.

8 – Work Remotely

Some people think working remotely is just for computer geeks. Think again, suckers. Any job can be remote if you have enough determination and drive. Work at Burger King? Try taking some food home and selling it in your neighborhood. Postal Worker? Take the mail home and just send it from your own mailbox. Meter reader? Just change the numbers up a little bit from last month. If you can prove yourself to your boss you can work remotely, you can engineer a job that you can do anywhere!

9 –  Dilute your Fuel

Naysayers and haters of freedom will again suggest that this isn’t possible. Most folks don’t know, but you can add a bit of water to your tank and get way more life out of a tank of gas. The added hydration is good for your engine and will coat it in the minerals it needs to stay strong.






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