10 Great Conversation Starters to Use at Work

Making small talk can be hard. We understand. Whether you’ve just started a new job and are trying to fit in or you’d like some new topics to discuss with your coworkers, Managing Dollars has got your back. Building rapport with your coworkers is important for networking and getting ahead in any career. Here are 10 great conversation openers that are sure to break that awkward silence we all know too well:

  1. So how much money are you making around here?
  2. Do you have a cat? You look like you have a cat.
  3. Did you catch that Trump speech last night? Make America great again, am I right? *wink* *finger guns*
  4. So how strict is HR on sexual harassment?
  5. 50 grand in your bank or kick a toddler down the stairs? How hard would you kick the toddler?
  6. Have you gained weight?
  7. I’m going to be your boss in a few months, you know. I like my coffee with two creams and a packet of sugar.
  8. How often do you think they drug test here?
  9. How do you not hang yourself when you go home?
  10. Can you stop by my computer later? Netflix stopped working.

One thought on “10 Great Conversation Starters to Use at Work

  1. Ned Scunder says:

    Great advise! I have used: “For a fat guy, you don’t sweat much” (a light compliment goes a long way toward team building).

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