10 Awesome Valentine’s Gifts for Lovers on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a whole lot to say “I love You” this Valentine’s Day. We asked Managing Dollar’s staff for their best budget gift ideas and this is what they came up with.


1: Pizza Lingerie

A little flour, yeast, sauce and pepperoni is all it takes to dazzle your partner with a sexy outfit. Make a sexy bikini or a smoking speedo for your Valentine out of pizza. The warmth of the dough and the scent of sausage will surely get your lover in the mood– dinner and a show!


2: Last Year’s Birthday Card

Got some whiteout and commitment? Nothing gets ‘em friskier than that hilarious card your grandma gave you! Recycle your birthday cards into a romantic, thoughtful Valentine’s day card!




3: Steel Reserve

Does your Valentine enjoy a cocktail now and again? Of course, they do! Head down to the corner gas station and indulge your lover with this romantic classic, he/she will love that you splurged for the ones in bottles and not cans. Hint – This gift goes great with a carton of marlboro!


4: Dinner at the Taco Bell by the Pawnshop. No, not that one, the other one. No, the one where the guy got shot.

Since that guy got shot a couple months back, this place has been deserted. Sneak in some candle’s and you’re a nacho bell grande away from gettin’ lucky.


5: Prank Proposal –

Still saving up some dough for that rock she’s had her eye on? Cheer her up with a fake proposal. It’s just a prank and you’re guaranteed to get some laughs! For bonus points, take her to fountain square, dance with her and then when the moment is right — kneel down to tie your shoe.




6: Homemade Bacon Scented Lotion

Everyone loves breakfast! Your sweetheart can have breakfast all day with this porcine present! Use the leftover bacon grease as a base and add some beeswax and coconut oil for a lotion that’s sure to remind him/her of the farm!



7: His and Hers Set of Hypodermic Needles

–  You can jack these puppies from your roommate’s blood sugar testing kit. Don’t worry, he’s only Type 1, and 1 is smaller than 2.



8: CD’s from your Neighbor’s Car

– Prepare your best balaclava and wait until night for this gift! A little risk goes a long way for love. Look for the gold — Barry Manilow, Conway Twitty or Avant Garde Jazz are all sure to spice up a night with your companion. Hit multiple cars in one night, your lover will appreciate the extra effort! If you’re in luck, you might find that skinny kid down the road’s fire new album. Have you heard his SoundCloud? Hint: Look for older vehicles, as they are more likely to still be listening to cd’s.



9: Insurance Fraud

Nothing says ‘I love You’ like Insurance Fraud. Sign your lover up as your primary beneficiary and get a hitman to fake your death. Pay the hitman with your insurance pay out for extra cost savings! Hint – Make it look like an accident! 



10: Stray Dogs

 – Why spend money on expensive luxury pets from the big box retail store? Find a cute canine roaming around the back alley behind your work and capture him and your lover with a romantic embrace. This gift will really pair well with a rabies shot from the nearest free clinic.


A couple of cute dogs

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